Thursday, 4 August 2011

New Zealand Art Show Weekend

I had a great time at the NZ Art Show in Wellington last weekend.
Of the 3 paintings I displayed, 2 were sold.

Northern Heights   

Coastal Hills

They were reduced in price to be in keeping with the spirit of the show and the fact that the commission was only 15%.
I also had "Maxfields Star' in the exhibition.

The show was an amazing display of creativity from a wide spectrum of NZ artists.
The organizers deserve high praise for a very well run show.

I am getting continuing positive feedback for "Waitomo" the commission I completed for Steve McClennan, representing his family, the owners of Waitomo House in central Hamilton.

It was received with huge enthusiasm by Steve and his family when I delivered it to them recently.
(Featured on the front page of David Knowles Art)

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