Sunday, 30 October 2011

Another Hawk Painting

I have completed another hawk painting  'Hawk III' (30 inches x 30 inches).
They have proved very popular, and I enjoy doing them.

This painting together with 'Long White Cloud" (below) are featured in the foyer of the new Carterton Event Centre opened at the weekend by the Minister of Art and Culture, Hon Christopher Finlayson.

                                                     'Long White Cloud'  (60 in x 48 in)

Monday, 5 September 2011


WAI-ART, the local art group, present a major exhibition in September in conjunction with the District Spring Fair.

There is no commission charged on the paintings, so artists can offer their work to the public at a wholesale price.

I am showing 10 smaller paintings over the three days of Friday 9th, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th.

HAWK   30x30 inches
EQUINOX STUDY   30x15 inches

KAPITI     30x30 inches

NORTHERN HEIGHTS DIPTYCH    (18x18) x2 inches


SKYLINE    (24x18) x2 inches

TWO ISLANDS    47x19 inches


HAWK II    40x30 inches
ISLAND II    31x19 inches

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I had a pleasant surprise yesterday when I went to collect the two paintings from the NZ Academy.

'Equinox'  was sold.

Here is a larger photo of it 

'Equinox' (two 18in x 24in )

Sunday, 7 August 2011

New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts Matariki Exhibition

The NZAFA Matariki Exhibition closed today.

I had two paintings on show.

Long White Cloud (60in x 48in)

Equinox ( two 18in x24in )

'Long White Cloud' was many months in concept and in painting. It was started and then put to one side and left while I did other things. Then I reworked the clouds to add more colour, then it was left again.
Similarly the hills were painted and repainted several times adding glazes and refining the forms.
The blue of the sky was also painted three times to get the depth and luster I required.

It is frustrating that a small photo on a computer screen does not do it justice.

'Equinox', on the other hand, was painted in two half days.
First the sky, clean and straight forward, in about 3 hours.
And then next day with the sky dry, the hills took about five hours straight.

I love the light in this. It's almost as if you can see the air.
I did studies when the sun was very low, almost setting, and came back to the same spot, at the same time, for the next two days until I had what I needed. 

Thursday, 4 August 2011

New Zealand Art Show Weekend

I had a great time at the NZ Art Show in Wellington last weekend.
Of the 3 paintings I displayed, 2 were sold.

Northern Heights   

Coastal Hills

They were reduced in price to be in keeping with the spirit of the show and the fact that the commission was only 15%.
I also had "Maxfields Star' in the exhibition.

The show was an amazing display of creativity from a wide spectrum of NZ artists.
The organizers deserve high praise for a very well run show.

I am getting continuing positive feedback for "Waitomo" the commission I completed for Steve McClennan, representing his family, the owners of Waitomo House in central Hamilton.

It was received with huge enthusiasm by Steve and his family when I delivered it to them recently.
(Featured on the front page of David Knowles Art)