Monday, 13 August 2012

Lots of Small Landscapes

I am currently working on small landscapes for the 'Big WaiArt Sale in September.

My aim is to create a number of small landscapes as diverse as possible while still remaining true to my inherent artistic style. In other words, keeping the Romantic Realist theme clear in a diverse range of imagery.

The first is simply called  "Cloud"  (24 inches x 24 inches)


Moon Over Palliser Bay  (24in x 24 in)

Dawn at Riversdale Beach Study  (30 in x 15 in)

To the North Diptych

To the West Diptych  (2 x (18 in x 14 in) )

Summer Cloud  (24 in x 24 in)

In a View Diptych  (2 x (24 in x 24 in) )

This last painting is personally special to me as it is the view including where I live.
(Indicated by the arrow)

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