Thursday, 26 July 2012


I have completed a large new painting called "Life Dance".

It measures 40inches by 50inches.

I am disappointed by the limitations a photograph has in showing the true nature of my work, and none more so than this one.
Using crimson and ultramarine blue, with orange and raw sienna, I have made a real effort to paint a sky with warm beauty and depth.

And in the swirling fabric of the figure I have used all the red pigments available.

Every so often I find I need to 'let my imagination run' and create something beyond the mundane.
Some of those close to me have said that this painting is the most exciting and interesting I have painted since "Ascendency".
(Now proudly owned by a discerning collector in Boston, USA )

All I know is I continue to explore the theme of individual consciousness in as many diverse and beautiful visualizations as possible.

While these two paintings parallel the subject of  a beautiful woman in a visual field of space and light, they are not dissimilar to "EarthMover".
Again a single figure in a visual field of space and light.

Three paintings where I have 'let my imagination run'.

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